Quadline is a puzzle game with minimalistic design to give the player an immersive experience from the calm gameplay and focus on solving unique puzzles.
Move lines through the cells to put them in specific slots.
Rotate, move, push or teleport them and use other game tools to solve fun puzzles


How to open the game menu?

To open the game menu, simply click anywhere outside the puzzle.

What does a specific button in the game menu do?

Map of levels

On android removes all ads by in-app purchase

Undo last move.
Hold to restart level

Puzzle solution
Warning: opening the solution will restart the current level!

Light / Dark mode


Music on / off

Sound on / off


One hand mode.
Moves the puzzle to the bottom of the screen for playing by holding phone with one hand.

Zoom mode


How to solve specific level?

Now the game has built-in solutions for all puzzles. Press the key button to see the solution for the current puzzle.
Warning: opening the solution will restart the current level!

Here are the links to game walkthrough videos:

Blue Episode (Rotation)
Green Episode (Moving Rows)
First Orange Episode (Dots)
Second Orange Episode (Dots)
Red Episode (Heavy Lines)
First Violet Episode (Portals)
Second Violet Episode (Portals)
Aqua Episode (Multi Levels)
Lemon Episode (Linked Cells)
Red-violet Episode (Level Morphing)

Has the game been localized to my language?

There is not a single line of text in the game

What does the satellite do?

On iOS sattelite button turn on/off iCloud saves synchronization and clear the iCloud saves.

On Android, a satellite icon indicates that the cloud sync process is in progress.

How to reset game progress?

If you play on tvOS or macOS just delete and reinstall the game.

If you play on iOS you first need to delete iCloud saves and turn off iCloud synchronisation. To do it, simply open the menu and then open settings by tapping a button with gear, and then in the lower right corner finally tap the satellite button. After turning off iCloud synchronisation delete and reinstall the game.

On android cloud game saves are assosiated with Google Play Games player. First of all you should delete and reinstall game on your device. Then there are two ways.
The first way: You can delete quadline game data (saves and achievements) from your Google Play Games player.
The second way: you can change the google play games account that assosiated with the quadline game (or sign out and connected another one with empty progress)
You can do these settings in Google Play Games application in setting sections:
"Your data" -> "Change account for games"
"Your data" - > "Delete Play Games account and data" (Attention! In this section you need to delete only quadline data because if you delete a player, it will affect all other games data assosiated with that player)